Phone2Food - Africa's future is in your pocket


Africa's future is in your pocket.

Donate Your Phone

You Can Save Lives

It's as easy as seeing what your old device is worth and deciding to donate that value to UNICEF. Every $1.10 provides life-saving nourishment for another child for another day, meaning your old phone could save HUNDREDS of people.

Why Donate Your Phone?


Right now in East Africa a child is dying every 6 minutes.


In 50 days, 12,000 children will have died from starvation.


12,400,000 people are in desperate need of food, water and human help.

When you donate your used phones and electronics through BuyMyTronic’s Phone2Food program, we’ll donate the buyback value on your behalf directly to UNICEF to help fight the catastrophic famine happening right now in East Africa. For every $1.10 you give, another child gets life saving therapeutic food for a day. 100% of your phone’s buyback value goes to UNICEF and is tax-deductible. You can save lots of lives, and it only costs you a phone that you don't need anymore.

How it Works

You donate your phone's buyback value to UNICEF through and the money goes to fight the famine in East Africa.

Send your used smart phones to our partner, BuyMyTronics

They donate the value on your behalf

You save famine victims in Africa

This project made possible by Made by Many's 50/50 Make or Break project and their partnership with Unicef.

50/50 Make or Break